May 8, 2008

I Still Miss My Computer.

We got it back, but the guy wanted to put a new hard drive in it...and he told us ours could go at any minute....and we need to get our outlandish number of pictures of it before it we're waiting till we have time to put them on a backup hard drive...but we've been too busy. This is some cutting edge information, isn't it? Tune in next time when Jennie shares the contents of her fridge while posting pictures of pollen blowing around the yard.

Okay, here's something thrilling. I have been feeling lousy, like my head is in a bucket and my legs are loosely entangled with wet seaweed, and I've been feeling like this for years. My doctor FINALLY decided to try to up my thyroid with a dose of cytomel. Today is my first day. I was so excited that I woke up at 4:30AM and took my first dose. I actually feel pretty good! I have energy, there's a pulse in my neck, there's a kick in my Birkies. I hope it's the cytomel and not just my exuberant love of Thursday mornings. I don't have an exuberant love of Thursday mornings, but one could technically develop at any moment I suppose.

Well, I'm off to make Sean lunch and put in my 1,932,564th load of laundry - this time, JEANS!


rosemary said...

ya, thursdays are kinda hard to love.....monday starts the week off, wednesday is hump day, thursday means nothing just like tuesday. i am on back imposed less computering. it has given me probably 5 more hours in the day to feel lonely. the A on my keyboard is wearing off anyway, so i should get a new laptop i guess.

Paul said...

Only 67,436 more washes to go when you reach that magic 2M milestone. Remember to document all these washing and send in the 2 millionth one (documentation) for your chance to win 20% off your next washer/dryer..