May 19, 2008

It's simple.

I see a baby goldfinch in the morning and my day is made.

(He also matches my blog nicely, doesn't he? I should make him my mascot.)

Coleen and I took our walk and then we decided to measure how far we've been going in my car. We're driving along and come upon this little fellow sitting in the middle of the street. He didn't move, so I stopped and Coleen got out to shoo him. He was not afraid, but she finally got him moving. He fluttered up a few feet, his wings not quite strong enough to lift his belly with efficiency. He buzzed around in a circle for a second, slowly rising like a bumble bee, then managed to direct himself toward a tree and cling to the very end of a leafy branch. Coleen and I took a deep sigh of relief and we went on our way.

Just under 4 miles, case you're wonderin'.

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rosemary said...

I'm impressed....4 miles of a car, walking, far.