May 29, 2008

On The Go

This is me...sitting on a parking curb...waiting for soccer tryouts to finish...taking pics of to my tire. It's been a long day.

First I dropped the kids off at school and walked with Coleen. We got our delicious iced lattes at mile 3. We sipped and talked while the train rumbled across our path. We planned to walk tomorrow. We are getting some firm behinds. I don't think she'd mind me telling you that.

Then I drove to Big Lots and bought 8 clothes baskets. I now have the laundry table I've always dreamed of. A top counter area for folding, a middle shelf for four baskets, one for Sean's clean clothes, one for the Lukester's clean clothes, one for Sether's clean clothes and one for Stan and my clean clothes. Then there are four baskets under that shelf on the floor for dirty clothes. Until today, I had unmatching, assorted baskets - small, large, round, square, rectangular, blue, red, white, broken, bent, split. When I saw these perfect-sized white baskets for my perfect dream table today - I splurged, I went crazy, I bought 8. Then I went to the movie store and rented three for the weekend. Stan's going canoeing in Indiana with "the guys" so no wonder I'm splurging for myself on lattes, clothes baskets and foreign films - it's only fair.

That's the big guy right there...the one with the scar in the roof of his mouth...see him? He's slightly right of center...wear a green pinny...or is it penny? I have never figured that out. He is in white socks. And he's about to do something spectacular.

So, then after I got my movies and baskets I went to the health food store and bought my Ezekiel bread and some Hyland's Calm non-habit forming herbal tablets. Then I picked up Sean from school and stood on the playground with some other moms and let the kids play while we talked. One of the moms continues to call me Amy because she thinks I look like Amy Grant. It's getting weird.

Then I came home and did laundry and organized my laundry room and storage closet. Fun, I do like organizing. Oh, and I ate a bunch of cold salmon. I LOVE cold fish for breakfast, though this was so late a breakfast, it was lunch. And I had some fresh pineapple too. Then 2:00 rolled around - not without me finding new and clever uses for most of my old clothes baskets - and I went to the high school and picked up my above son in the green pinny/penny and drove an hour north in heavy traffic to an appointment. While he was appointing, I drove to Dunkin Donuts and got another latte. This time with chocolate. When he was done I drove an hour and a half south in heavier traffic to this soccer tryout. Then while he was "trying out" I drove 20 minutes north to home to pick up clothes for him to wear to the sports banquet which started while he was at the tryout. Then I drove 20 minutes south to pick him up at the tryout and stood there while the coaches yammered.

Then - is reading this as sleep-inducing for you as writing this is for me? - I dropped him off at the sports banquet where he was awarded two more letters for soccer and track. I went to a convenience store and bought another coffee I think it was delirium and some chips for my husband and went home where we watched the last episode of the fifth season of The Walton's during which Sean fell asleep stretched out across my entire body. John Boy is moving to NYC, people. Sad stuff.

And I'm still awake. It might be the caffeine. However I just chewed three Hyland's Calms non-habit forming herbal tablets and my arms are getting woozy.
Sleep is on the horizon.
Good night.
Another four mile walk in 9 hours.


Paul said...

So far this month I've walked 104.79 miles (averaging 3.38 mi per walk). I'll keep my out for you next time I'm out. This evening.

rosemary said...

I WANT to walk several miles a day but I am constantly distracted by Penny pulling on the leash, Violet getting out of her collar and leash, the birds, snakes, critters and horse poop in the road.....I get about a block away from home and turn, I did not get sleepy reading do you manage to make lattes, driving in traffic and kids so much fun to read about?

Kimberly said...

Good idea! Dh is gone fishing today with "the guys", so I need to get my brain working in a hurry on how to splurge while he's gone!

Jennie said...

Hi Kimberly! So glad you let me know you were by...Let me know what you think of...and make it better than clothes baskets and coffee!

I need to walk my dog more often. Coleen and I talked about taking our dogs along once, but it's so nice to be without kids, dogs and other variables for an hour. Plus, how could we get our lattes then???

Paul, that's so great! That's a lot of walking...3.5 miles a day? Meet us at the coffee shop...9:15am Monday morning.

Jennie said...

btw, 2nd comment was to Rosemary :)
And the real reason I don't walk Ruby is because I have a fear of dog fights. My best friend (who's a psychologist) calls it a phobia and she thinks I could use some counseling.