June 9, 2008

Blue, Blue, Blue...Who Knew?

Carried my camera with me Sunday to capture the blue. Gee, there's a lot. Bluecoups.

I don't notice blue much. I like warm colors like reds and oranges and orangey yellows.

Like, that coffee cup above is my favorite. And I love the reds and pinks in the face on my book.

These pinks I could do without, but...it was a gift. And it's the perfect pillow for my neck when I sit outside and read on the Adirondack chairs.

The pool is an amazing icey blue when you think about it, which I usually don't.

I sit on, beneath and beside blue. Not to mention in front of.

Then, at home on the computer I sit before the world's blue...

while resting my feet on blue. Yep, that is an exercise step which I have cleverly turned into a foot stool under the computer desk.

Here's Stan home from the pool in blue...and red. He refuses to acknowledge he'll ever get burnt even though it's happened well, many many times. Right Honey?

Above is a note that Sean wrote to me on the board behind Stan. He was probably trying to pull my attention away from the computer screen. It says, wow mom you are awesome.

And then, I thought blue was pretty much over for the day...our dinner from Saladworks came in a red plate....I changed into brown clothes....everyone was sunburn red....I watched a movie from Netflix which is red...then while I was watching it - by the way, it was Dan In Real Life and he was rather blue throughout the movie - one young child who was trying to think of ways not to stay in bed (in his blue room) came running down stairs exclaiming that he had conquered the hoola hoop and I must witness it. So I paused the movie and in came some more blue.

do not look at the dust under my piano

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rosemary said...

You are quite awesome Jennie....in blue, red, orange or brown.