June 12, 2008

End. The. School. Year. Now.

I'm running out of energy.

I long for mindless, boring, stagnant summer days. I want scrambled eggs for dinner...cartoons for lunch...snoring for breakfast....I want to sit at the pool playing Uno with my niece. I want to collapse into bed at nine with sunblock still on my skin.

These pictures were taken at the Kindergarten picnic. It was so hot that the superintendent said we could wear bathing suits and do water games. Only three kids banged their heads on the ground doing the slip 'n slide. We had party pizza, a special homemade cake -

why am I such a scrooge? A June Scrooge. Just call me June Scrooge cause all this partying and celebrating and commemorating and having fun is killing me. Tomorrow is Kindergarten graduation. Then immediately I jump into my car for the 5th grade picnic in the park. I got out of bringing the giant jugs of water because of the graduation, but these are the items I'm now responsible for:

two basins for apple floating
orange cones
*(a pair of men's work boots
a women's half slip
a necktie
a flamingo purse
a black soft brief case
one lei)

3 dozen homemade oatmeal scotchies cookies
(I'm leaving the oatmeal scotch cookies in the van for the parents)

(*Don't bother asking, picture relay races with cross gender dressing.)

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