June 13, 2008

Friday Five Glimpses

Every year the police force in town has a "community appreciation" fair.

Just one more FUN thing to add to my June Scrooge list.

Hey, I'm not alone. When I brought up the subject of the fair to other moms, trying to decide if we'd go or not, quite a few of them responded with hushed voices and a long finger pointed my way, Johnny doesn't remember it's tonight and I'm keepin' that way. Been there, done that, washed the t-shirt. But my kids hadn't forgotten this time.

Luke had been at an amusement park all day on a school trip. Sean had been playing with a friend I had been babysitting since 11am. Both boys were both so tired they could hardly control their neck muscles, but they certainly didn't want to miss out on this. I considered having Stan take the kids without me because 1) I dreaded it and anyway last year I took them alone when he was "unavailable." But he thought it'd be fun to go as a family, so I went.

Five glimpses into the town "community appreciation" fair:

1. One hot, tired, ramped up six year old who slapped my arm as I talked to an old church friend.

2. One semi-frozen Superman popsicle falling off the stick with the first lick.

3. One sad, broken six year old who desperately wanted to go in the thing where they lock you into a verticle ring by your feet and spin and flip you around, upside down, sideways and allways for 5 minutes.

4. One exhausted, salty six year old who didn't want to ride a real live pony instead.

5. One mommy who bent down and spoke very clearly in one six year old's little pouty face.

Okay, okay.
For the 'Sunny Side Up' types who love June and think it's busting out all over...

1. Hot air balloon lifting off, hanging gently in the sky directly above our heads and floating up next to the moon in the blue sky.

2. Four six year olds bouncing in a blow-up castle.

3. Teenage boys lined up to swing the hammer and ring that bell.

4. Tall, skinny, redheaded Matt walking around with his first girlfriend.

5. The Phillies' Phanatic, the Sixer's "Hip Hop" (freaky rabbit-looking thing) and "Swoop," the Eagles' mascot, driving into the excited throng on a four-wheeler.
(Upbeat types like things like mascots on four-wheelers, right?)

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Mom said...

The Scrooge list reminded me of the hot day we were in Disney World. One tired little boy was crying and needed a nap. His mother dragged him along shouting, "I paid good money for you to have fun and now you better have fun!" amusement parks always wear us out.

The second list made me smile.