June 1, 2008

Sugar Shocking

Every once in a while I go off sugar. I believe I'm sensitive to sugar like an alcoholic is sensitive to alchohol. The longest I've been off sugar has been 2 months. This time I'm going off "white products" and sugar and alcohol, since it turns to sugar just like regular old sugar. So, I've been reading this book Sugar Shock to get pumped up and inspired. The authors say that our bodies are not at all equipped to regularly ingest food that has added sugar. Get a load of these statistics:

In 1801, historians estimate, each person consumed about 8.4 pounds of
sugar, which comes to less than one tablespoon or 2.2 teaspoons a day.

In 1909...typical Americans were consuming close to 85 pounds of caloric
sweeteners that year.

By 1999...Americans consumed a total of 151.4 pounds of added sweeteners
per person. Corn sweeteners alone, 85 pounds.

Can you believe that? Today was my day 1. Well, probably my 50th day 1. I figure every day I go without it helps and maybe someday I will stick to it forever. How about you, are you shocked by sugar...or those statistics?


rosemary said...

i am not shocked by either...i'm 63 and fast arriving at 64...i don't care where my sugar intake lands...my butt, my legs, my belly. as for little sean and his hip hoping....OH. HOW. DARN. ADORABLE.

Paul said...

In my opinion, sugar is good for only one item--ice cream and all its many possibilities. :) Now, that being said, I do make several exceptions.

My First Wife cannot eat sugar of any kind. Therefore, we don't eat a lot of sugar at our house. I feel sorry for her. It's a hard sacrifice she has to make, considering that sugar is rarely more than 15 seconds away from us Americans.

Oh, wait. Don't get me started...