June 3, 2008

Open Mic

Tuesday night is open mic night downtown and Seth returned to the stage after a year or two. He got lots of cheers from some of his fans. The owner of the place gave him a warm introduction and welcome, said he was glad to have him back and said he hopes he'll be coming back more often. It was really nice to hear him play, he did so well. He's always been a great performer onstage, he gives his very best. He sang one song he wrote and one Belle & Sebastian tune.

I never know if he wants me at these things but he tells us we can go so we usually do. I don't, however, sit in the very front ever, but I was standing in the back with his girl friend (not sure if the two words are one yet or not) and she saw a table open and told us to come so we did. Because every 16 year old wants his mom in the front row when he's performing, right? Oh well. Luke really wanted me to take him. For one, he gets to stay up till 11 on a school night, plus he loves watching everything his brother does. So, I don't know why he was making this face, but it wasn't Seth's music.

There were lots of performers tonight. It's impressive that people just get up and do their thing.

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