June 13, 2008

Your Memoir in Just Six Words

I'm seriously considering writing a memoir. I've been enjoying writing along with my copy of Natalie Goldberg's An Old Friend from Far Away. There are a few different paths I could go as far as my personal memoir goes. I suppose one could write a few memoirs if one wanted.

There's a section of her book where she encourages the reader to read 10 memoirs. I've read a few memoirs in my day, The Color of Water for one, and I really enjoyed them, so I set out online to find some more. I listed the ones I thought looked interesting on my But I'm Not Groovy blog and hope to read them this summer.

In my googling, I came across this sight where you can submit your memoir in six words. Pretty funny, I thought, since I mentioned my 8 word childhood memoir on my blog. Anyway, that sounds like fun, ay? Got any you want to share?

Let's see. The first one that comes to mind is, Food obsession began and hasn't stopped.
Kinda raw and depressing, but true nonetheless.
How about, I think too much, I think.

I love being your mother, boys.

The Lord saved me, even though.

God sent me Stan, thank God.

I don't feel good enough for...

I love words and exchanging them.

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