July 11, 2008

Cutsie Pictures and My Yearly Public Service Announcement

Sean got dropped off from swimming at the pool tonight after we'd eaten, so I grabbed my camera for pictures of the last corn on the cob/missing two front teeth viewing this family's going to have the pleasure of witnessing. He doesn't usually eat shirtless, but it's summer and he's six and toothless and there's corn, so all rules are off.
He gets to work.
What about the pork and zucchini?
This is why I rarely buy drinks or soda for my kids. Even if they've just run in the door, didn't have time to put on a shirt or hang up their towel, they still have time to remember that I just bought a half a case of Arizona Green Tea and make sure they grab one to drink at dinner. They are good.
And he looks like he needs a burst of energy to finish this job.
It's hard work.

You'd think he'd be tired after swimming and wrestling with corn on the cob, not to mention bowling and playing with his cousin, but he's upstairs arranging his stuffed animals for a portrait right now at 11:08pm.

Lend an ear and please join me in the Being Nice to Corn Club.

For tender, sweet kernels, please drop into boiling water and cook for no more than four minutes.

We are only trying to cook the corn: Not The Cob.

(I've never recovered from the incident. The day my friend had been cooking corn on the cob all day in a crock pot. Corn on the cob does not deserve that harsh treatment. It only comes once a year, we must not torture it.)

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