August 14, 2008

Friday Five Glimpses

5 Things That Happened This Week That Haven't Before

1. I sucked buckets and buckets of water out of my basement rug after a succession of three horrible summer storms in one day that brought flooding rains, two rounds of hail, lightning that struck my neighbor's garage (and damaged our verizon connection and computer). Oh and Sean and I were the only ones home all day.

2. I sedated Sean with chamomile tablets when the third storm rolled in and he began panicking about "this bad day." He fell nicely asleep on the couch in the basement right next to the roar of the shopvac.

3. I took a ride on the Philly Duck with ten other and pictures to follow when our computer is up and running again.

4. I began taking an antidepressant. Frankly, I can't believe it either. Never thought I'd do it, but my endocrinologist has been having difficulty finding the right thyroid/cytomel levels for me this year and meanwhile I'm wavering between anxiety and depression, driving me batty. Hopefully it'll be temporary until we get the levels right but....

5. This is a big one. I have never, since the age of 15, lived a day without thinking too much about food. I think the word is obsessing. I remember back when I was 26, driving down the road to work and thinking, I've been thinking about food for 11 years and this troubled me so much that I began seeking help for it. However, nothing ever seemed to help. Books galore, OA...these helped a bit, but I've lived with some level of this tiresome thinking ever since.

Till this week, when it suddenly and wonderfully disappeared. I'm all into health and natural health and making life changes to bring health...but oh my. I think I may have made a friend in Celexa. Aside from the first day when I carried around a bag sure I was going to hurl, my anxiety is nill and I eat...get this...when I feel hunger. And I stop...get this...when I am full. And in between, I do other nonfood related things with narry a thought of it. Wow. You have no idea what freedom this is to me. I don't think I fully grasp it yet either.


rosemary said...

Ditto storms here.....
If Celexa makes you feel better even good and is curbing that appetite in your mind....may I have a few to see if they work for me????

Jennie said...

I hope this effect will continue. The doctor says I really need to take it for weeks before I know how it'll work...I guess everyone's different. Some people gain a lot of weight on these things...if that starts to happen I'm bailing.

Mom said...

Sounds like a good week.

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