August 17, 2008

More Fun

This is why I love Jane.

Friends since Kindergarten when she coveted my homemade suede long coat, best friends since 6th grade when we began our long career of laughing at every single thing that we passed on the street.

Today my sister purchased a turquoise caftan. A Mrs. Roper dress. My first question to her was, Are you going to carry an ash tray and a long cigarette now?

After we hung up, I texted Jane because well, we can't pass up a good laugh, even states apart.

I wrote: My sister just bought a turquoise caftan. I told her she has to start carrying an ash tray and a long cig.

Jane texted back: Did she throw her martini in your face?

This is why I love Jane.

1 comment:

rosemary said...

was her red wig crooked?