September 19, 2008

Friday Five Glimpses

Sean. You must share in his delightfulness with me today. He made me smile a lot this week. Here are five glimpses into what makes him happy. Oh that we all could live in his happy brain for a day.

Tuesday evening, driving home from hip hop:

Sean: I can do a cartwheel finally.

me: Oh really? Did Miss Theresa teach you that at class?

Sean: No, I just excitingly could do it all the sudden! My life is pretty exciting right now:

I know how to do a cartwheel,

Luke paid me 85 cents for getting his soccer ball for him - 5 cents a ball,

I saw a sunrise at the beach,

I have $166.00 in my bank account,

and I like my teacher at school!

[And today he has one more thing to be happy about - making the local paper at school!]

Okay, it's your turn. What five things are making you turn cartwheels lately?


rosemary said...

1. logging is 1/2 way done
2. Steve actually took me to the movies...Burn After Reading
3. No cat barf all week
4. the car can go into the shop today after waiting a week for the insurance company to call with the OK
5. Steak tonight

Mom said...

1. Dinner with friends tonight.
2. I get to play in the bell choir and be in my "happy bell place."
3. My granddaughter gets to be a real Disney princess.
4. The sky is a clear blue with big puffy marshmallow clouds. It is cool. fall is almost here.
5. My husband still makes me smile.