September 12, 2008

I feel bad for complaining so much about my alone time. I don't know what gets into me, but my mind feels like scrambled eggs sometimes if I don't get peace and solace once in a while. Yesterday was a good day.

Coleen and I drove into Philadelphia to Trader Joe's and I got a good load. I have family coming in for the last two weeks of September (why I needed just five days to myself) so I bought some fun yummy things I might not ordinarily pick up. Here's what I bought!

2 marinated pork tenderloins

a wedge of Brie cheese

a wedge of jarlsberg cheese

organic tomato & roasted red pepper soup

smooth & mellow coffee beans

cornbread mix

Joe-Joe's chocolate with vanilla bean cream cookies

2 bags of dry roasted almonds (I LOVE THEIR ALMONDS)

two cans of solid white tuna (TJ's tuna doesn't have soy product fillers like name-brands do)

organic brown rice spaghetti

blueberry cereal bars

puffin's cereal

garlic naan flatbread

ciabattini rolls

olive oil

wasabi shrimp rolls

pate with mushrooms

prosciutto panino

stonyfield yobaby yogurt

greek yogurt (for tsatsiki!)

frozen spanakopita

frozen spinach pizza

frozen mini seafood crab cakes

frozen chopped basil cubes (ingenious)

Lara bars

oatmeal ginger almond soap

green tea triple milled soap

english toffee

Isn't that a fun list? I also bought two cotton bags for groceries. I'm always looking for ones I like and these were mucho groovy. Know what else is mucho groovy? I went to my oldest's back-to-school night last night and saw my high school history teacher and he said, "Jennie, you look the same as you did in high school." I always liked that man.


rosemary said...

My plane lands at 7:30 on the 27th....I'll be wearing a napkin tucked into my shirt. My history teacher has passed. I'm old.

Jennie said...

Sounds perfect. You'll make it just in time for my mom-in-laws last three days. Why don't you make it the 26th so you can share in Stan's birthday cake. :-)

Paul Nichols said...

What time is dinner? And breakfast?