September 8, 2008

Not In the Last 16 Years

This week, Monday thru Friday, will be the first time since my first child was born in February 1992 that I have been home alone during the day. Even my hubby works from home (above the garage but he's always milling around!) so even though my kids went to school two days last week I still wasn't alone alone. But once a month for a week, Stan tests wells all day so he's out of the office and THIS is THAT WEEK!

It's not that I don't love spending time with my family! It's just that this is a new experience! Big thrills. So this morning while Sean and Luke were eating their Apple Cinnamon Cheerios I said, "Guess what? I'm going to be alone at home all week, so when you're in school think of me dancing around the house." Luke asked, "Having a party?" Sean added, "With your imaginary friends?"

I have friends. Well, I do.


rosemary said...

my turn to chortle....Steve works at home too but he is right here, in my face, yelling "rosemary, where is that stuff I gave you last week?" What stuff???? When he is on the road, some days the only "people" I talk to are my pets.

Mom said...

I love have the house to myself. we all need a little piece of quiet. I would not like a permanent diet of alone time, but some is wonderful.