September 10, 2008

Tomorrow Is A New Day

Gloating never gets me anywhere. I went around blabbing about my special week alone and well, that lasted a few hours.

Monday, yes, I did have some time. I walked with Co, did some chores, played on the laptop while watching tv next to my laundry room roaring away. I made a nice dinner. But it was lackluster, I wasn't feeling that great. So I had bigger hopes for Tuesday thru Friday.

Tuesday morning I woke up late, felt rotten and tired, hurried the kids off to school, stopping on our way out to give Sean a dose of cough medicine and ibuprofen because he sounded a little sick. That was my first clue. Then my sister called and said we really oughta visit my Pop Pop while mom's out of town. I knew that, but I really wanted to go back to bed and sleep. But I went to Pop's because he really needed company and my homemade chili. We walked into his kitchen, he started talking and didn't stop for an hour and a half. We sat on his couch and listened. All I wanted to do was to curl up and fall asleep like I used to there 40 years ago, but there were old, old stories to retell. Like the one about Ernie Earl teaching him to plaster his living room - and look around, there isn't a crack in these walls today...or like how he's lived within a mile of the home he was born in for 94 years...everyone there knows me, I was the town paperboy for 13 years! I am going to miss those stories someday and the man who tells them, but yesterday I was so tired.

This morning I woke everyone up and Sean said he felt really sick. He was coughing and snotting, so he stayed home. Well, at least I don't have to get dressed early since I don't have to take him to school, I thought scrunging around the house in my stretchy pants and bad hair. Briiiiiinggggg! High school calling! Why, it's Seth! From the nurse's office! He doesn't feel well! I ran upstairs, got decent, put on some powder and eyeliner. Called Sean, got him dressed and headed out. Seth went straight to bed.

Feeling thoroughly defeated, I took to the couch rejecting any possibility of productivity or fun.

Briiiinngggg! Hello Honey, are you busy? Ahem. I'm running out of tubing here on the site and was wondering if you could bring me a box. [A giant box.] So, since Seth is snoring in the attic, I loaded coughing and snotting Sean into the van and headed out. Almost forgetting the tubing. A half mile from home.....Briiiinnngggg! Have you left yet? AHEM. Could you bring me lunch? A ham and cheese sandwich with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion...bag of chips...lemon pie...Arizona iced tea. I took a right turn and headed back to Wawa.

Tomorrow Coleen and I are headed into the city to shop for food. Don't call me.

{One hour later...}

Hey Honey, I'm going to need to use your van tomorrow, there's something wrong with my brakes.

sigh~ That's alright, I wasn't planning anything....

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Mom said...

Bless your little heart.