October 9, 2008


Coleen and I have been planning a trip to The Art Museum of Philadelphia since spring. Today we drove over, met her friend Lorraine who I adore and strolled around.

The exhibition of interest today was Gee's Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt. Fascinating story, quilts and names of the artists like Louisiana, Qunnie, Revil and Nettie. If you go to the link, listen to some of the quilter's stories. What a magnificent treasure, these quilts, these women.

We didn't see much more of the museum, some of the American Art section, a lot of Thomas Eakin, but our stomachs were growling and we had big plans. We wandered out the West Entrance, down many stone steps and around the bend near the river to Water works restaurant. On the river, overlooking Boathouse Row, under a canopy, eating wild mushroom risotto, sipping passionfruit iced tea in great company on a perfect sunny fall day! I felt like I was on vacation. Here's our view.

Today was a gift.

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