October 17, 2008

Friday Five Glimpses

New Lovely Things

1. Coleen and I made cement bird baths molded with elephant ear leaves! We're waiting for them to dry and then we'll paint them. Pictures to come soon.

2. Online coupon sites! I've rediscovered coupons. There for a while I quit using them because, I suppose, I just couldn't fit one more thing into my brain. It's usually as simple as that. But this week I found a few sites for coupons and saved $16 on my usual bill. It's a start and I have a new hobby.

3. I decided to start a new weekly post on my blog soon. It's going to be pictures of "collections" of things around my house. Not necessarily fine things, like my pottery or silver earrings thought these might be included, but also mundane things like shoes and matchbox cars. I'm thinking the exercise might force me to take a closer look at my stuff and maybe be fun too.

4. I purchased my new Moleskin 2009 Planner. I had a smaller black one last year and you just can't beat a Moleskin journal or planner. They feel good in your hand.

5. Christmas shopping. This is lovely because I am starting earlier this year and I am alone. How do homeschool moms shop for Christmas? With their kids, whose hopes and dreams of Santa are dashed when that thing mom threw in the cart and thought she was hiding under the pile of cleaning supplies shows up weeks later wrapped in Santa paper under the tree. That's why my kids are always scratching their heads on Christmas morning. But I've already begun picking up things here and there, it allows me time to actually think before purchasing and I've gotten the big one for all three, wrapped and hidden! Feels lovely.

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rosemary said...

Not to be outshone by Jennie in the hood.....my 5 whatevers

1. penny has the poops and steve and i got no sleep
2. violet has a belly rash
3. we lost another 5k in our largest fund that is already down 38k
4. i have to go grocery shopping
5. i need a better outlook.

looking forward to the birdbath pics. it sounds wonderful to have a best friend.