October 28, 2008

Momma's Boy

The other day I was telling my oldest son how much of a Daddy's boy he was. They were madly in love with each other when Seth was a little one and did so much together. "If you and Daddy were in the living room together and I walked in you'd say, 'Get out Mom!' That's how much of a Daddy's boy you were!" He hung his head and thanked me a lot for reminding him of such a thing, but I didn't expect it to hurt him. (I was only trying to remind him - a 16 year old young man - there was a time when he actually wanted to be with and desperately loved at least one of his parents, ya know??? Sometimes teenagers need to be reminded of these things.) Anyway, I loved how much in love my husband and son were. They were so sweet together and I was taking care of my child 24/7 - it was okay with me when he wanted his father to take over.

Then came Luke and he was wonderful. He was loving to both of us - he'd actually sit on my lap for longer than 2.6 seconds. Luke's nobody's pet, though, and he doesn't have them either. He just is. He loves in his own way, people love him, it's simple and uncomplicated and lovely.

Then came Sean and just when I'd forgotten all about having a "Mommy's boy" of my own he moved in and stole the show. I didn't even know I wanted a "Mommy's boy" but he said, "YES YOU DO!" This boy has kissed my cheeks so many times. He chooses me to tuck him in or read a book to his class at school or sit next to at dinner. If you've ever been at the top of someone's list, you know it's awfully fun. It surprises me and makes me smile.

Yesterday I went on a field trip to a farm with Sean's first grade class. At lunch Sean and I sat with Bryce at a table and at one point, probably when I was stealing bites from his tuna sandwich, Sean asked Bryce, "Do you ever kiss your mom?" Bryce, surprised by such a question, tried to be polite, "Not too much." Sean said, "I do," and he leaned back toward me. Evidently Bryce thought he was going to kiss me and he pleaded, "Not in front of me!"
Gosh, I wish I had that on video.


rosemary said...

sniff, sniff....I never had a momma's boy and there was never a daddy around long enough to appreciate having a son......OK....the word verification....sperm

Mom said...

You are blessed, but you know that.

kenju said...

Jennie, I had to come and tell you how much I love your answer at Michele's about the OxyClean man. I wish he would disappear!!