October 18, 2008

Nothing Against Leonardo Da Vinci

But look! I think I found the color I've been trying to find for weeks. That aqua towel on the table has been my nemesis, but I tried a little Terre Verte mixed into the cobalt blue, viridian and white and stumbled onto something.

The left side is still the old annoying color and the right side is some experimentation as I closed in on the right color and the middle with the radishes is just about perfect! Now I only have to recreate it next Saturday. There is so much more to do but every time I find the path forward again I get very excited.
I think hanging out there on that shelf might be some positive peer pressure for this one of my "children," don't you?


Ciara said...

Hi Jennie! Thanks for your sweet words. I am honoured to be on your blogroll. Thank you! This looks wonderful here. I look forward to having a mooch around!
Love Ciara

rosemary said...

OK, Jennie....aqua is aqua to me. actually, when i look at this painting my eye is drawn to the bucket for some reason. maybe i like the color of copper. it is a lovely painting terre verte or not.

Jennie said...

Thanks for coming by Ciara!

Rosemary, the urn or bucket will actually be a brassy gold color, the bowl will be clear (I hope) green and the bottle will be dark green almost black. The backdrop is black with pin stripes (ugly). So the table and radishes are the only things I've actually given the proper color to. This is the progession "Weezy" takes us through.