October 19, 2008

Our Birdbath Beginnings

No, that's not anything to do with our birdbaths, but Coleen had the team dinner tonight and I made the pasta so before we went out to check on our projects in her garage I snapped a few pictures of the team descending upon the food. There's my cute one in the hat.

So then we went out and checked. Here you can see what we did. We cut leaves of all sizes from the elephant plant in her yard and layed them over mounds of sand covered in plastic. Then we covered the leaves with concrete. You can also use vinyl patch.
Several days later they were dry and we turned them over and peeled off the leaves.
Next we'll seal the concrete and paint with watered down acrylic paints.
More photos to come. I'm thinking of making one of these heart-shaped birdbaths pinkish and giving it to my mom for her Valentine birthday.


rosemary said...

Stunning, clever, beautiful, birdalicous, can i be your mom......

Mom said...

This mom sure thinks they are neat. Your mom will be so impressed with your artistic talent.

Paul Nichols said...

Cool hat! I like!!

And creative bird baths, too.