October 30, 2008

Pssst. It's The JP Scraper 5000

Ready for your life to change?


I don't know about you but if there's one thing I find annoying during the last week of October, it's sticking my hand deep inside a cold pumpkin and trying to grab a handful of squish and yank it out. I've used a spoon and other implements, but none of these is very functional. Let's face it. Until this enlightened, genius idea, pumpkin carving in our house was the egg-blowing, the pine-needle-sweeping, the pie-crust-wrestling...well...it was the part of this particular holiday I liked least.

All this changed one day when in my kitchen I opened a can of coffee and...

1. removed the top of the can with my can opener

2. inserted the lid back into the opener

3. and squeezed and turned it once more, creating a sharp serrated lip

This is the best way to get the gook out of a pumpkin! It's rather sharp, so adult use is wise, though my 11 year old uses it without problem.

You know, I could sell this thing for the big bucks, but I'm sharing it here for free. All I ask is that you refer to your personal perfect pumpkin pulp puller as the JP Scraper 5000 - Jennie's Pumpkin Scraper 5000.

p.s. tuna can lids don't work


rosemary said...

That is the difference between men and women.....Steve loves the pumpkin gunk, so does my son and son-in law and the kid across the street asked if he could take the stuff out so he could roast the seeds. Me.....I don't care of we have a pumpkin out or not.

kristen said...

you are so so brilliant! I actually don't mind pumpkin guts and i LOVE the seeds. This year I made both kids work on their own at LEAST a little bit! GONE are the days that I'll do all the hard work and leave them with only the fun creativity - heh heh

i love how squeaky clean your pumpkins are! SO impressed with you!!