October 26, 2008

Where It's At

We weren't so sure Saturday morning, as we drove across the bridge into Philadelphia, that the World Series would be played that night. It was gray and rainy all day. Luke photographed the city. And himself. We went to art lessons and the day got about clearing up.

Have you ever driven by a stadium where a World Series game was being played?! Well, not so thrilling but that's all I've got. We drove by on the highway last night and craned our necks, looking in to see the crowds and wondering if we could get some "cheap" nosebleed seats. It was cool to think the World Series was going on in that bright, open ballpark and that the Phillies were winning, but we drove on.

We went to a comedy show in Philly with my sister and her husband, driving by the stadium early on during the rain delay when everyone was still wondering if it would happen. Went to Cavanaugh's for a bite, a bar in University city. Felt old among all the kids drinking Bud Lite from those blue metal bottle thingys that I'd never seen before. Pitchers abounded. I sipped my one glass of merlot with my BLT and people-watched, picturing my son sitting in one of these places in 5 years (hopefully not before) like we used to do at IU. I met Stan in one of those places, Bear's Place in Bloomington, where we'd gather on Sunday nights in the cozy back room and gab. (Actually we'd met earlier that day at a golf tournament but I'm a slow study, so we had to meet again to get things going.)

After dinner we drove through West Philadelphia (really really fast) and parked in a open multilevel concrete garage where water dripped and poured on our heads as we ran through the dark, and entered the Tower Theater. There are some incredibly cool old theaters in these parts. My brother in law likes this comedian Daniel Tosh, so he purchased tickets and invited us. Stan sat down, listened to the opening act and fell sound asleep after Tosh walked onstage. I poked him through the whole show until he began looking really annoyed at me. Then I gave up. Tosh was pretty funny.

Driving home we passed the full stadium shining like a beacon for Phans. Tonight Stan, who seems to have caught the Phever last night, wants to go see if he can get a ticket from...you know, anyone who might have an extra that they're looking to share. I told him not to call me if he ends up...you know...in the slammer.


rosemary said...

At least Luke's nose was clean. Steve has slept thru the Star Trek guy doing A Christmas Carol, George Winston and Jeff Foxworthy...plus numerous movies. tell Stan....hahahahah about the tickets.

Paul Nichols said...

I'm watching on Monday night. Rain delay; score tied; controversy abounds. Is it the last game of the '08 World Series? Will there be another in Tampa Bay?

I love baseball.