November 14, 2008

ChuckE's Birthday and thanks 4

Sometimes, just to annoy Sean, Stan calls him Chuckie. That usually leads into a boisterous interchange that ends with something like, "My name is Sean! You NAMED me you should know!!"

So yesterday Chuckie turned 7.

On the way to school today I told him about November seven years ago. I said it was the warmest November I can remember. Sunny and warm breezes, after you were born and came home we'd sit in the back yard. I snuggled you in a light blanket and I was wearing shorts it was so nice. We sat there together soaking in the November sun. I loved that November.

I pulled up to the school and heard from the backseat: What did you love more, the November or me?

You know my answer. He hopped out of the van and ran to catch up with the little boy standing next to him in the Chuck E Cheese picture above. I drove away and laughed aloud at his question and these words came out of my mouth - Lord, I hope I bring You as much joy as my kids bring me.

Then I realized that I want to remember that thought every single day. I do want to bring the Lord as much joy and more that He's given me. What better way to live my days?


Mom said...

Amen and amen.

Amy G. said...

What a great thought Jennie! You make me think of things I've never though of before, thanks. :)