November 5, 2008

Global Warming

It was exciting this morning to see the cheers coming from around the world, celebrating our future President of the USA. That alone brings a waft of hope.

Speaking of global warming...I drove my middle son to school this morning. We live just two blocks from school. He had to be there early for band and was running late. I had just driven my oldest to school, 5 blocks away. I wanted him to eat a good breakfast for his test and his playoff game this afternoon, so I made him eat an egg sandwich, promising him a ride since it would make him late to wait for me to cook it. I then drove Sean to school which is one half mile away. This would have never happened when I was a kid. Never. The only thing I can say in my own defense is that we've probably use our cars less than anyone I know, being blessed to work from home and school from home for years. But still...when I drive my kids around this little town, I can't help remembering walking all around this little town when I was a young girl.

To top it off this morning, as I pulled up to the middle school, Luke and I saw the little girl who lives across the street from the school - about a 100 yard dash away from it - walking with her band instrument and books in hand in the opposite direction toward the SUV in her driveway. She was going to get a ride across the street. It took her longer to walk to her SUV, open the door, put on her seat belt, wait for her mom to back out of the driveway, wait at the corner and pull up to the school than if she had walked out her front door, crossed the street and the front lawn of the school and entered.

Luke said it was the second time he'd seen her getting a ride to school: Maybe they like global warming, he said with a smile as he gathered his stuff and opened the door. I do like to think there will be some sort of global warming with this new president.


rosemary said...

Our neighbor DRIVES out to get his mail....and the paper.

Mom said...

We are a nation that is addicted to our cars. Since we had the DC sniper a few years ago who shot over 30 random folks in our area, including my grandson's 13 year old classmate, we have become afraid to to let our kids walk. The world can be very scary. That makes me sad.


I really appreciate this warming is very serious topic.