November 19, 2008

Good Reading, Good Teaching, Good Week at School

I've done a lot of complaining about school stuff but this week I had a great time visiting my youngest's classroom. On Tuesday he read to his class dressed in a paper bag decorated with his favorite scene from the book. They all did the same. It was a cute lesson.

He gladly agreed to go first and did an excellent job reading. The book I'm A Seed is a conversation between a marigold and pumpkin seed as they grow into plants. Cute little reader and Sean did so well reading it with expression. I've never had a first grader in public school before and it's been fun. His teacher is an old track mate of mine from way back, like I was in middle school and she was in grade school.

I also had a conference with her about Sean's first quarter. The only thing he needs work on is handwriting. I told her the saga of his penmanship: truly ambidextrous until 5, finally chose left, promptly broke left arm, wrote right until cast was off, then broke left again and by the time that cast came off, he wasn't sure if it mattered what hand he used anymore. Anyway, first grade is such a sweet simple time. A time when handwriting is the only problem and there's no need for raking in a windstorm.

Today I watched this woman teach a math lesson for 45 minutes and she did such a wonderful job. I was so impressed with her teaching skills, her class management, her sweetness and firmness. She was puttin' near perfect. I even got to be a dime in the coin counting exercise. So glad she's taking care of my little 'un every day.
She told me she wishes she had a whole class of my Seanie Pies. ~:D


Mom said...

It is good to hear a good story about public school. Sounds like your little guy has one of good teachers. What a blessing.

rosemary said...

I had a Seanie Pie....he was and still is a Gilie Pie.