November 1, 2008

I Don't Really Like Halloween

It's one of those days when we're rushed, the house isn't straightened, the costumes are in question, there's a parade at school (don't like parades!), I eat ridiculous amounts of sugar reconfirming the fact over and over that I am an addict, then I have to answer my door over and over for the children of the town and, you know, that can be anxiety producing. I know that's weird, but it's me. (For instance, this year to quell my nerves I sat in a dark kitchen waiting for the doorbell and taking pictures of myself with my camera balanced on a giant jar of vitamins. We had light traffic to the house, as you can tell.) I was a little happier this year though, a little more relaxed, kinda chilled out and going with the flow. (Who can be tense in hippie/gypsy clothes I ask you???) On a spur of the moment, I ran upstairs and put on a bunch of clothes and accessories that I decided was part costume/part ME accentuated. Then I thought, "Hey! I can dress as the real "me" every Halloween, the me that I don't let out until October 31st because I want to fit in with society! Then Halloween will be more funner!" Next year, maybe it'll be a housewife in bad pajamas and zits, I don't know, but if you think about it many of us have "me's" they don't let out. This is one of mine.
Next year I'm going to suggest to Coleen that we have a "Come as you REALLY are" Halloween party. Stan will come as a mountain man. That's who he really is and that's why living in New Jersey on the coastal plain is highly annoying to him but hey. Who got a degree in hydrogeology? Who's an environmental cleanup kind of guy? Stan. What state needs mucho environmental cleanup? New Jersey. Get over it. We were meant to be together and I'm a Jersey girl. Kay. What type of costume would you wear to a come as you really are party? What are you hiding from the public? Are you a belly dancer at heart? A journalist type? A raging NRA lover? A wine snob? Obsessed with ancient Greece? What? I was a closet Swede once. I had stickers all over my house trying to learn the language. Anyway, I'm getting off track. Yesterday I liked Halloween because I was the real Jennie for a few hours. I got a lot of looks because people couldn't figure out if I was in costume or just feeling especially groovy. I was wearing patchouli too, so I stunk as well.

Sean was Batman and Luke was the Joker. Seth was a dishwasher. For real. The poor kid had to work all night while his buddies all dressed up like women. He was bummed...Dad was relieved. Here are some pics from the day. Hope you had a Happy Halloween and please do let me know what kind of closet person you secretly are. I showed you mine.

Here's Batman at the school parade.
Here's kiddos running around downtown at the parade in the park. Parades parades parades. This one was for the merchants to give the kids candy. We passed our dentist office on the way home.

My heart pumpkin
Luke's Transformer pumpkin

My niece and nephew.
See the family resemblance?


rosemary said...

you are a lovely bohemian....there are absolutely NO photos of the real rosemary....although I have to admit they would be perfect for a Halloween costume....I am a paint spattered pants, stretched out, sleeves cut to the elbow sweatshirt, an old t-shirt of Steve's, socks and slippers kind of old lady. Yup, the next step is a bag with all of my belongings.

Paul Nichols said...

We really don't have much to do with Halloween. We get a cheap bagga candy for the Tricker-Treaters and let it go at that.

But now you've talked me into it: next year "the real me" is gonna put on a NY Yankee uniform.

And about your comment over on my blog (...soooo beeeeg!): At least you're a girl.

(Your word verification this time is "woodste," which reminded me of "Woodstock," which reminds me of "Bohemian...") Appropriate for this post, I thought.

Mom said...

I am who i am - a happy grandmother who enjoys watching her grandkids grow, enjoys the view from my front porch and loves to spend time curled up with a good book. My clothes are just comfy gramma clothes. It is good to have finally achieved my goal in life. I am a kept woman

Marisa said...

GOtta love the pictures of Halloween....we don't celebrate it here in Australia as much, but it is slowly creeping in.

Just saying thank you for your support regarding my daughters unicorn problems....She still believes and I will encourage that until her time tells me different

Thank you