November 23, 2008

Last Art Class

As of Saturday it's official. My painting will be included in the show at our art school. It was our last class and the show will be on the 6th. Luke will show his hands sculpture and his dragon gargoyle sculpture. My painting isn't done actually, but it's done enough evidently.

Yesterday I enhanced the radishes, painted over some folds that were, well I'll just be blunt: they looked way too much like a part of the female anatomy. People were actually standing behind me smiling as I painted in class. Finally I mixed up a big batch of tablecloth color and painted over it. The tablecloth is now flat in that corner. I don't know how that happened, just my quirky genius, I guess. Got rid of that. Luke helped me with some shading at home too. So, it's presentable. It'll be fun to see them all together at once, some of the paintings in my class are quite beautiful. I will be finishing it at home after December because I don't think we're going back to that school next semester.

I hope to take pictures at the show and share them here.

Here is an artist's rendition of the place we went for our lessons. You can see center city behind the roof of the building. My class was behind that little fourth floor window. Right behind the flash spot on the neighboring rooftop there is an awesome restaurant where I once had the pleasure of drinking a glass of $200 wine. It was yummy and I knew I was ruined forever. No more $12 bottles for me, better to quit altogether. In the foreground, the little black figure all the way to the right is standing in front of a water ice store where I'd buy Luke big cups of cherry water ice after class. We thoroughly enjoyed playing and learning here.


rosemary said...

Well, congratulations my friend!!!! I can hardly wait to see the finished product.....i bet Stan is proud of you both!!!

Paul Nichols said...

I'm looking forward to your painting. Congratulations.