November 12, 2008

"Ready for Change"

Either you're ready for change, say some, or you're not quite ready for change. It's as simple as that. Others recognize, consider and tolerate the fact that there are varying opinions and that this "readiness to change" is simply a red herring. Change happens, but change itself isn't the point. (Unless you're David Bowie, then it's cool.)

Belief may be a factor. I have a gut reaction to "You're just not ready to change yet" because it feels like a schoolyard taunt that childishly disrespects the fact that I have beliefs just like those who are asking me to change to theirs.

You - a vegan - are eating dinner at a friend's house and they put steak on your plate. You say (or vote, as the case may be) No thank you. And your host says, "Oh? Not ready for your change to carnivore yet? We'll wait."

You voted Democrat? Not ready to change to Republican yet? Eh, it'll come.

Sports car lover? Not ready to change to monster trucks yet? Heh, you'll learn.

Call me 'fixed' but my aggravation at this word 'change' could fuel me to run a marathon. I understand people believe in Obama and they support him. Fine. But when people said to me, "Don't you want change?" "Aren't you ready for a change?" I want to smack my forehead. And theirs. What exactly does that mean? Define it first, please, before I choose, before I vote for change. But change for the sake of change? Um, that's stupid.

When I get my haircut I don't just go in and say, "I'd like to change my hairdo," and sit down and see what happens. Unless I know this hairdresser inside and out and she knows me, we need to start with some specifics.

You're on the sinking Titanic and you're offered a change of circumstances. Oh, you want specifics? It's lifeboat or icy cold water but just answer the question. "Are you ready for a change?"

It all started when our church was moving to a new church building after we'd rebuilt from a fire. The very last sermon before we moved was entitled "Change." It was a discussion of how cows line up in the same order when they're moved from a barn to the pasture and back, and how church members sit in the same exact pew every single Sunday and how when we move to the next church we should consider mixing it up a bit. I don't know what the ultimate point was, never could figure it out. But I wanted to pull my hair out, tear my garments, ask for some mention of God and His Word before we were dismissed. Specifics, the answers, meaningful points. Not just "chaaaaaange."

#1 Change is a nothing word. Specifics are meaningful.
#2 Change and decisions that lead to it have nothing to do with the mysterious world of 'readiness,' but purposeful choice and belief.
#3 I need to change these uncomfortable shoes and go make dinner.


Paul Nichols said...

I was here yesterday. I thought I posted a comment, but...

Anyway, I am changing from too heavy to just right. I think it will take awhile, especially with the holiday season raising its head. And my sister's wedding the day after Christmas.

Jennie said...

Yeah, I'm all for that kind of change too. ~sigh~ January 1st.

Amy G. said...

What is scary is that just the word "change" without a distinct definition of what that change actually will be...causes literally millions to vote for a person they know nothing about. I laughed at your wanting to smack some people on the head. Yeah, me too. Every day. ;)