November 9, 2008

thanks 3

I am so thankful for the three volunteer team photographers who take pictures at my son's varsity soccer games. They're making it possible for me to 1) create an awesome memory book of his high school years....and 2) show him off to all my friends!

Do you see how he holds his wrist and hand in these two pics above and below? I have pictures of myself running track in high school with my hands in the same position. I love that.

Something else I found myself being thankful for last night when I received these pictures: Jeff, the photographer, was able to show me in 10 shots that my little boy is absolutely not a little boy anymore. I think I was refusing to see that, but something about these shots has made it perfectly clear to me now.


Paul Nichols said...

Handsome. I can see that he looks like his mom in a few of those pictures. I know you're proud. You done good.

Mom said...

He's a handsome young man. children grow up way too fast. Good photos

Pearl said...

They shoot up to adulthood fast.

Pearl said...

photos can take us by surprise. I remember my dad seeing a picture of himself and saying who's that old geezer with the shock of white hair. He didn't want to know it was himself.