November 15, 2008

thanks 5 - gentle reminders

This morning I sit in my upstairs office. It's a little room that I painted with a marble finish, just for fun. It has all of my books, writing materials and other stuff. I've decorated with all of my favorite items, pictures of my kids in groovy frames, a neat boxes holding old letters, rocks, a fountain, decorative glass hanging in the windows.

I brought my husband's work laptop up here this morning to order some Christmas gifts on Amazon. The kids haven't really asked for much this year and what they have mentioned, we're able to buy. We have so much, too much. We're accustomed to having what we need and more. So much more, we hardly even fathom.

This great little room sits high above the street. Leaves are blowing, the sun is shining through clouds, people are walking and running by. As I sat down I saw a group of people, children and adults, jogging up the street and wondered for a moment what they were doing. Then I saw the boys dressed in uniforms and realized it was the Boy Scouts coming by to pick up the bags they tied to our front doors last weekend, like they've done every year. Some years we remember to fill them with food products for the needy during this Thanksgiving season. Some years we forget.

This year I did forget and I sat here in my little room of luxury, in my pajamas, purchasing extras while others are hoping for just a dinner. God is so good. He gives me such gentle reminders while I deserve much harsher ones.


Mom said...

It take an observant person to notice God's little reminders and to be aware of life's blessings.

Amy G. said...

I love your descriptions, and the way you notice everything going on around you. I feel that way too sometimes, and it's a nice feeling. Almost like a 'birds-eye' view.