December 13, 2008

I Love Having a Sister (who I can torment)

Okay, firstly I'd like to admit that I complain too much and perhaps that will be #1 on the list of resolutions for 2009: 1. Shut up, Jennie.

We are having a lovely time here in Ybor City, FL. I just returned to the room, Stan is out on the street on a bench somewhere smoking a cigar, which he doesn't do, but in Ybor City evidently he does. That's okay, it gives me a bit of computer time.

We just returned from a little wandering and shopping where we ended up on the balcony of some restaurant on the channel drinking margaritas in the sunshine. I texted my sister at home in NJ where it's cold and miserable. (Well, I'd like to imagine that anyway.)

Jennie in Tampa sun: Ugh. This margarita is giving me a brain freeze and the sun out on this balcony is shining right in my eyes.

Evidently Julie shared my text with my brother in law, a man of few words, who responded: Bite me, Love Matt.

Jennie in Tampa sun: I would but I'm eating queso dip.

Then I sent Jul a pic of me with the water in the background, sun over my shoulder.

Then she sent me a pic of herself, sitting on the couch in a big robe and a Santa hat with a remote in one hand and a bowl of chips in the other.

Jennie in Tampa sun: ROBLMAO That is Rolling On Balcony Laughing...

You just can't have that kind of fun with anyone else but a sister.


Mom said...

I am jealous!

rosemary said...

ya, rub it in is ZERO here and the wind is howling. Steve got home from Orlando last night. But, Steve being Steve...he loves the snow, wind and below zero forecasted temps.