December 2, 2008

Leaves...Paint...Dog Hair

Just in case you're wondering how our leaves are coming along. We sealed a few as is so they remain the concrete color but with a sheen. Today we tried out some acrylic paints on the others and made some colorful leaves. We'll seal them for protection and sheen after they dry, but here they are at this stage.

And of course the sniffing dog photo. There's always a blob of black hair in everything we do. Take note in case you ever decide to get a Bernese Mountain Dog. Just trust me on that. Great dogs, great amount of hair.

I've been wrapping each of the kids' gifts on the basement rug when I get them and Ruby is always down there playing with the kids so every piece of tape, every highly static sheet of wrapping paper has black hair all over it. I started out making sure each package was hair-free, then I thought like they're ever gonna notice! And if they do, well, Rudolf's cousin...Blacky the Long-haired Reindeer is responsible.
Non-family members will get the hair-free Christmas gifts.


rosemary said...

everything in this house has either cat or dog hair on it. since i stopped licking envelopes (after 9/11 and the anthrax scare) seriously....I use tape for sealing and there it is..... pet hair....folks just have to learn to deal with it.

Michele said...

The leaves are beautiful. Now, let us assume that someone, not ME, of course, but someone else did not know what these leaves will be used for or what they will be used to decorate - how would they find out?

I want a dog. I have a cat who thinks he is a dog, but I don't think that counts.

Jennie said...

Hi Michele! These lovely works of sculpture are going to be birdbaths or whatever the gift receiver wishes them to be. My friend and I have been experimenting. I find some of the colors a tad obnoxious, but maybe snuggled into a garden somewhere they'll stand out nicely. Here's the link for the initial post.

Mom said...

I love the colors. They look like real leaves. I would love to one of those in my yard.