December 21, 2008

Things That Swam Through My Head Yesterday While in Bed

1 * This is a fun site to wander through all day. Time's Top 10 of Everything.

2 * Who can I text?

3 * What are the kids doing?

4 * A certain number of Free Cell games played actually seems to make one sicker.

5 * " " " " Mahjong " " " " " " " " .

6 * If I miss the Fines' Christmas party two years in a row will I be taken of their list?

7 * I love how we're invited to "The Fines'" Christmas party every year. I love word play, especially when it's real.

8 * I thought I watched Love Actually once before...none of this looks familiar...

9 * Why didn't I ever rent The Bucket List? That was cute, even though I only saw the last 3/4s of it.

10 * Oh good! Here it is on another channel and we've only missed 10 minutes of it this time!

11 * What are the kids doing? As a matter of fact, how many of them are still on the property?

12 * Wonder if I'll be able to make it to church tomorrow...nope....

13 * It seems like the more I spread this salve on my nose and lips, the chapper they get.

14 * I mean chapped. Yes. The more chapped they get.

15 * 10 Universities Offering Writing Courses online...huh....

16 * I'm going to go downstairs tomorrow. (Stan says he admires my boldness.)

17 * I wonder how many episodes of Haunting Evidence they're showing in a row...and how in the world hasn't anyone talked the truth about Natalie Holloway or that guy who went over the side of a cruise ship on his honeymoon...someone should believe what these two psychics are saying and get these cases closed.

18 * There is no way Seth is studying his Chemistry up there.

19 * I wonder if I'll be able to stand by Christmas.

20 * I think it was the lady who layed down in the empty seats in front of us on the plane...I bet she was sick...I knew I didn't like something about her...

21 * Every last actor in Juno is excellent and I've said that all 42 times I've watched it.

22 * Why did I paint this bedroom tan?

23 * Who can I text?

24 * How come I cannot hit the trashcan with a tissue? Why.

25 * Is someone vacuuming?

26 * I haven't been sick for years...I must've said that sometime within the last couple of weeks...without knocking wood...

27 * I wonder if things really work that way

28 * I wonder if I should wash the sheets tomorrow or wait until I'm all better

29 * I wonder if Sean's headache means he's getting it

30 * I AM going downstairs tomorrow.

and I am. right now.

and this was what was going on in the basement while I was sick in bed...for some reason Jimmy Hoffa comes to mind.....


Lea said...

Oh My poor dear Jen.... said a prayer that you may feel good enough to do the Christmasy things you want to do... yet sick enough for the excuse to get out of the things you don't!!!....

Jennie said...

Perfect prayer!

rosemary said...

i agree with both of you.....i just whine.

Paul Nichols said...

Well, sounds like you're having a lot of fun.

You might try nine innings of baseball to help you feel better. You never hear about baseball players laying around wondering who they can text, do you?

I'm gonna look into your #15. Sounds like fun, too.

Paul Nichols said...

That Top 10 thing is good for down-time at work.