December 20, 2008

This Post Comes to You from Bed

The sun is trying to peek through the gray sky out the window on our right. The trees look brittle, brown and bare. John Wayne and Robert Mitchum are prowling around with rifles in El Dorado. Stan just gave Luke careful instructions to make our morning coffee.

Sound like a good Saturday morning? Well it's not. Well, it's snot. There's also a big box of tissues next to me and a trash can that is littered with them. And we're complaining and moaning. We've never been sick together in all the 22 years we've known each other, but we're figuring someone, some terrorist, boarded that plane with us to Philadelphia carrying a nasty ole cold and - didn't I tell you that flying was dangerous!?

Sore throats. Stiff necks. Sinus pains. Stan has a very sore eustachian tube. My head is going to explode. (See how mine's worse than his?)

Coffee's coming. I can smell it. Cute young James Caan is in this movie too. One of us is going to have to get the humidifier from the basement storage room and it ain't me.


Robert Mitchum just hit Mr. Grant in the face.


update... To Catch A Thief...Grace Kelly has the most beautiful arms I've ever seen. And that pink dress, oh.

update...The Matrix...I don't see the whole Keanu Reeves thing. He seems to have zero personality. Stan got up and dressed and is acting like he's better than me because he's out of bed.

update...and now...The ABC's of What's On My TV...
asian variety collar comedy people (not the movie)...dirty jobs...english premier league friday (it's saturday?)...God rocks!...homicide or heavy metal...IHBA drag boat racing...jacques pepin...knocked up or KOTC cage girls uncensored or kuwait TV programming (I don't have either of the latter channels, FYI)...little ice age: big chill...managing asia (whoa, big job)...NHL on the fly...Oswald (the octopus)...paralyzed and pregnant (um, how many episodes of this could there possibly be???)...Russell Mulcahy's tale of the mummy...silver showcase or sushi pack (take your choice)...truckvaults xtreme hunts (wha?)...URGE radio (I've never really understood the whole radio on TV thing)...veggie tales...winx club or world challenge 2008...Yu-Gi-Oh...and Zodiac or Zoom
no X or Q, that's a rip-off


rosemary said...

I'll give my standard assistance....ZINC every day, use Zicam when traveling, lots of fluids to thin out the snot.

Agree about Keanu...stick actor.

Very clever alphabet.....hum, i am wondering about those non channels.

Brave Stan. Patient, loving Luke.

Paul Nichols said...

This isn't the time to be sick. Sorry. To tell you the truth, though, I've never known when it is a good time to be sick.

Hope you all get to feeling up and about real soon.

Word Verification: sisenia. Sounds like a sibling flower, huh?