February 27, 2009

8:13 am at the Kitchen Counter

This morning Sean walking into the kitchen holding a ToysRUs flyer and said this.

As soon as I pay my college bills and buy a car I'm going to get this:

He held up this picture. Link


rosemary said...

I just read the bathroom post. Just how handy is Stan? Could he handle this for Sean? I don't mean build it....i mean the directions have to be 4000 pages long for assembly. The bathroom sounds like it will be nice when done...what colors are you using? 1/2 of our house is 20 years old, the other half is 9. The older half has a kitchen cobbled together from left over Pharmacy stuff...cabinets and the miserable counter top from hell. Steve likes it. It took all of my talents...yelling, crying, begging...to put in laminate flooring.

I don't think you could have left out one single picture of adorable Luke.

Mom said...

I'm glad that boy has his priorities straight.

Paul Nichols said...

After college and a car. He's probably not aware yet, but I think a girl comes after those. ;)

Jennie said...

Maybe he wants to be able to provide a house to his girl. Albeit a funhouse.

Anonymous said...

That is sooooooo adorable!
Amy G.