February 27, 2009

Coming Soon - My 100 Year Old Bathroom Updated!

I've been following the pioneer woman (link in my margin) who's redoing an amazing lodge on her ranch. It's a lot of fun to see, if you're interested. We are just about to remodel our bathroom. 'Remodeling' would suggest that we modeled it before, which is so wrong. And it won't be over the top extravagant like her lodge, it'll be stuff from Lowe's and all...We live in a 100+ year old American Four Square that needed total decorative overhaul when we moved in, which is why we could afford it. Which is why 10 years later we are getting around to making our upstairs bathroom, um, inoffensive.

It has a great big old tub, the type that might be on feet, but isn't. There is a pretty pedestal sink that has been jerry-rigged with all sorts of pipes and metal support that makes it less pretty. It doesn't have a drain plug. There's a board serving as a shelf sitting on the interesting old radiator which needs a paint job. The window frame was obviously redone at some point by someone who went out back and found "some wood" and nailed it up. The rest of the house has pretty old woodwork, but it seems something happened to that in the bathroom. And the flooring is an old white vinyl flooring. Oh, the walls. A hideous yellow that was probably free from the paint store because it hadn't sold in 40 years. All of the colors in this house seemed to have be chosen in the same way - heavily discounted.

Then Stan one day decided to paint over the yellow with primer, only something important must have interupted him because there are slashes of white here and there over dirty ugly yellow there and here. And there are two squares cut out of the wall where he put up the new lights and opened the wall to examine the pipes.

Recently we ordered a sink and cabinet, a small wall cabinet and knobs and we're in the process of looking at flooring at my friend Coleen's husband shop. I wanted real linoleum. Do you know that, like, only one place sells real linoleum any more? And it's really expensive. My mom has it in her kitchen, my sister's husband laid it in their bathroom - the toughest job he's ever done. I may have to settle for vinyl flooring, but I think I'm going to get commercial grade because the choices are more interesting to me.

I'm going to take some pictures of before and after, just for fun. Only I'm not showing the before pictures until we have the project underway and I am comforted by the feeling of never having to have that old yucky bathroom any more! It's depressing and I can't wait till it's warm and happy and I actually have somewhere cozy and pretty to do my hair and make up.

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