February 8, 2009

It's "Card Sharp!" Who Knew???


Here's a fun site.
It's a list of 100 words that tend to be mispronounced.

I should send it to my friend in New Hampshire who is always taking things for granite.

I should give it to my relatives in Indiana who supposably use that word correctly.

I should pass it on to my friends who think Sean is the spitting image of Stan.

I might tell Andrea, Kelly and Missy, my realator friends.

I'd love to tell my persnickety friend Margaret, who once insisted (and insisted) that 'rhododendron' is pronounced 'rhododendrom.'

I should remind myself every morning I make the kids lunch and ask, "Pass the mannaise," but since I'm usually half awake, the point is rather mute.

I'm jist chomping at the bit to tell everyone the things I've learned, but it's probly none of my bidness.


Mom said...

But I do understand what they are all trying to say. Language is a funny thing.

rosemary said...

I have to admit that we use "aks and bidenss" in a joking way.....the ones that irritate me are: ofTen, prostRate, and one that isn't there...if you "could" care less, then you do...if you "couldn't" care less then you don't. And is it have to or half to????? I do remember writing a check at Yokes market and spelling it Yolks.