March 25, 2009

All Done?

No, but we're getting there, one day at a time. We got the sink in (it feels huge, but is actually the same dimensions as our pedestal)- the toilet in (now we can flush two dozen golf balls, or something like that) - and the radiator in and painted. Oh, and the beadboard is up, needs trim and touch-ups.

And here is some of the work that remains. Yikes, a new ceiling fan. It's going to have a groovy chain and dangly thing.

Doors for our cabinets.

The new light mounted here, or somewhere. I found a great site that teaches you how to repair holes in dry wall. The guy did it in something like 3 minutes. If it takes us 10 times that, we will be ecstatic.
The window moulding still need to be put up. And painted.

And I would like a mirror, please. But first, paint the walls. We have a matching cabinet to hang. Curtains ... ... ... ... ...

Oh, by the way, yesterday was our 19th anniversary. I don't know if it's supposed to be silver or wood, but we have declared the 19th anniversary the "plumbing anniversary."


rosemary said...

Wow....what a great two are quite the DIY team.....curtains? color? tub kind? Happy 19th.

Paul Nichols said...

Happy Anniversary!

Bathroom's looking good.

Two cent counsel: Don't stop till it's complete. Trust me on this. I mean, compleeeet!

Mom said...

I think it is the ceramic anniversary in your case.