March 4, 2009

Bathroom Nightmare Part 1

I decided that I would paint the walls all white and primed today. I didn't. I did decide though to share our "progress" as it happens, why hide our private shame any longer?

Please, come in. I won't bother you with many words. Just drink in the experience.

This is a new light fixture that we promptly removed today for various reasons.

That's a string that leads to a fan on the ceiling that we never use. Who needs air circulation when you have windows that have been put in lopsided?

Oh, just look at that sill. Stan promptly removed the wood from around these windows and threw it out the back window. It is now a garden ornament in the herbs.
This is the best tub in the world. And I'm not just saying it because of the fact that in order to remove it from our house we'd have to tear off the back wall.

This is mystery wall. There is a shower coming out of the closet. We don't use it, but my brother in law did once and he didn't notice that there wasn't a curtain either. And, get this, the bathroom was soaked, water went through the floor, into my basement stairwell where his wife's purse was hanging and the contents of her purse were soaked, but nothing else around it. You couldn't pull that trick again if your life depended on it. We are replacing those mangey cabinet doors. That I refuse to clean, in case you didn't magnify the picture enough. Doesn't take much...

How many other blogs do you visit that show you their toilet? Huh? What would you do without me in your life?

There's mystery wall again with Stan in the hallway looking like my wife annoys me by tearing apart the house while I'm trying to work.

And this is what I did instead of paint. There's tile and cementy grout underneath the floor! Isn't that GREAT NEWS!? That means we get to put in underlayment! YAY! Our dreams have come true!
Get a load of the sink contraption. Isn't that lovely? Couldn't you just picture the butcher who installed that in about 6 minutes?

This is an interesting radiator. I'd like to remove it and paint it beautifully but the iron pipes connecting it to the house literally groaned and sputtered when they heard my fanciful talk. I'm sure our plumber would say the same.
The wood in our door frames and walls is so so so dry and brittle, but that'll all be solved when the new molding goes up and we can't see it any more.

Painting tomorrow.


rosemary said...

OK, so my paint adventure pales to this.....I'd eat that cake, a bag of cordials and have a steak before I started. my word verification is shessesc. My feelings exactly.

Mom said...

That room could use a coat of paint.

Paul Nichols said...

I get a kick out of old doors and old doorknobs. You've got a winner there.