March 16, 2009

Chicken, Lead, Beadboard and Primer

No, that's not a law firm I'm temping for, that's just my day.

Making chicken soup for dinner and for my sister who is very sick because my son went to play with her son the day before he came down with a terrible fever/illness, so her son got it last week and now she's laid up. My Sean also slept over his best friend's house that night and came home with a fever, thereby spreading it to that family too. He's nothing if not efficiently contagious.

That is a picture of the cooling chicken I snapped before I ran upstairs to show the bathroom progress. See the little package of lead paint testers right there on the counter? I will say no more to avoid prosecution at a later date. I will leave it a mystery whether the little cotton dabber turned pretty pink when rubbed on my window sill. It's just going to have to be loose ends for the reader, sorry. It would make it a better renovation story though, wouldn't it? If this bathroom had:

1) concrete floors (by the way someone told me that this is what they did back then to stop leaks from ruining the plaster ceilings)

2) a pedestal sink made in 1904 that simply had to be removed from the property in 2009

3) a honker of a radiator that needs painting and to be removed for proper floor installation

4) a shower coming out of a wall for no particular reason

5) moulding on the window that looks like it may have been found in a scrap pile AND

6) lead paint on the remaining moulding strip encasing the window that would need special treatment to remove so as not to give my children brain damage...

that would add to the story nicely, wouldn't it...if that were true?

So then, heading up my stairs into the upstairs hallway you can see my future bathroom walls, or beadboard, drying after I painted them. The unpainted backs of two are in the foreground.

The boards are supposed to adjust to the room's heat before we put them up. I'm starting to get a little excited, I must now admit! The bottom will have beadboard and the top will be painted a color. Another mystery to you. I've decided, but I'm going to keep it a secret till I decide to tell you. I guess that's how it normally works.

Oh guess what. Normally, the hole that one's toilet sits on is 12" from the wall. Odd ones are 14" from the wall. Ours is 15" from the wall. I ordered a 14" rough toilet this morning that will sit an inch from the wall. The toilet the plumber just took out wasn't even bolted to the floor, it was just sitting there, connected only by the pipe coming in the back. And I'm not even going to say the word psychopath at all. 

Notice that I primed the walls too??? Some of the yellow is still showing because that's where the beadboard will be. I almost painted all of that too just so that horrible color would cease to exist in that room, but I ran out of time...the chicken soup and all.

Moving along.

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rosemary said...

You know what you need, Jennie? A couple of cats or kittens that are only inside cats/kittens to help with things like: painting, looking down toilet holes, sniffing out lead in the paint and generally doing ladder work and clean up....I happen to have several seasoned felines that are offering their help for just a can of Fancy Feast! You have no idea how nice cat hair looks on painted surfaces....they could talk to Ruby and show her the ropes!