March 7, 2009

Things The Boys Brought Home Yesterday

I was sitting at the dining room table reading Song of Songs, making progress again on my read-thru-the-Bible goal, and Seth came in the back door, turned into the kitchen, dropped his books on the counter, leaned over the sink and proudly spun around to me, "Look what I found on the way home from school!" Seth - my 17 year old, who's been living with depression and anxiety and addiction and ADD, who drives a car now, who played and sang 4 original pieces with his guitar downtown last night for a school fundraiser much to the appreciation of his peers and teachers, who often just walks in the back door after school and grunts - brought me some flowers just like he used to when he was 7. Yes, they were usually from my next door neighbors' yard, but I loved it anyway. It healed all of March's misery when he carried two tiny yellow crocuses into my kitchen and stuck them in a candle holder. And I still don't care whose yard he pulled them from.

Then Sean came home. He had a ton of papers and homework from his absences. Loved this snowman with his beautiful pink scarf. And I love this note that "Ciarra" wrote him in writing station. The kids can write to whomever they want while they are in writing station and I guess Ciarra was wondering where Sean had gone to this week. She threw in some other random questions a 7 year old girl might ponder occassionally like, hey, do you like zebras? How 'bout drumming? Take drumming lessons ever? I love how little kids think. Wouldn't you just love to walk up to someone in the mall, tap him on the shoulders and ask, "Do you like zebras?"

Luke brought home something totally different. It involved a game of "jailbreak" in a dark school playground last night with a bunch of kids and a snowball. Luke, being Luke, didn't really pursue the culprit. He didn't know who it was, didn't seem to care either. Can one be born a Zen master?

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rosemary said...

what beautiful flowers....and in march where the wind is blowing and the snow is flying...well, in Idaho anyway. No respectable flower would show anything right now in my neck of the literal all must be getting better in New Jersey.