March 20, 2009

The World Needs More Cotton Candy

At the request of the school, some moms in the first grade help out in the computer lab. I went in last week and Sean's class was working on a project to submit to Google. Decorate the Google logo in a way that shows how they believe the world could be a better place. During a prior class, the boys and girls brainstormed and the teacher was helping them refine their ideas. Each student would go up to her and tell her an idea and she'd help them zero in on a subject. I began to listen to the chidren's ideas too, to save time. One after the other came forward - No more smoking - No more wars - Don't cut down trees - Save the animals.
Next Sean came up to me with his sheet and said with a sure smile: More cotton candy. How could I approve that when his classmates' ideas were so lofty? Okay then, les school days for boys, he pointed. Gym every day? Les home work? How about no smoking? The teacher had said that'd be a tough one and was discouraging the kids from choosing that one. He settled on his upper right hand idea: give more gold to the poor.
That lofty enough for ya, Mom?


rosemary said...

Atta boy!!! This little Sean of yours is gonna make a'll see.

Paul Nichols said...

How magnificent!!!

Keep after it Sean! You're a genius!

Mom said...

Sometimes cotton candy is exactly what we need. You go Sean!