April 22, 2009

Adventures of Jen and Coco 1

Coleen has maids come in once every other Tuesday. I don't think she'd mind me telling you. So every other Tuesday morning guess who has to accompany her on outings so she doesn't have to be home while her house is being cleaned? Me. I leave my dirty house to the fairies, who drop their dust as they fly by, and go on some sort of adventure with Coleen.

She wanted to go to Trader Joe's but I can only go there so many times a month to collect the 5 items I purchase there: almonds, Greek yogurt, Smooth and Mellow coffee beans, organic vegetable broth, canned tuna and occasionally a bottle of vitamins or herbal concoctions. So I suggested that we go to a nearby town and walk around to see the shops and then go to
a soda fountain for lunch.

Ever watch Bobby Flay's Throwdown show? Once he threwdown at this soda fountain making grilled cheese sandwiches, which is their claim to fame. Coleen got the brie with caramelized apples and onions with ham and grain mustard on chiabatta. I got the mozzarella, prosciutto and caramelized onions on a baguette. Then we each gave the other a piece of our own. Both were delicious.

She went home and took a nap. I went home and began my crazy evening of baseball practice, coach-pitch game, SAT classes a half hour away, a spring concert and dance lessons. Course, none of those involved me except as a transporter or spectator and meanwhile I was missing my weekly Bible study. Life's so busy. I don't know how I'd do it without taking time to chat over a mozzarella sandwich.

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Mom said...

Doesn't sound much like the grilled cheese I made for my kids