April 15, 2009

Can You?

These two cannot.

These two are close.

These two are naturals.

Years ago Grammy made this face. One lip pointing up in one direction, one pointing down in the other. We don't know why. Grammy was just Grammy, no explanation needed. Ever since, making that face or trying to has become an integral part of being a family member.

Mom can do it after an afternoon cooking ham.

Luke can do it while tickling the ivories AND with braces.

Stan can do it stretched out on the couch with a full belly.

I do it in memory of Grammy.

But yikes Dad. Stop it.

So, try. Won't you? Get a mirror. Poll your family. Report back to us.

I bet if you can do it on one side (see Julie and Seth for the ultimate examples) that you won't be able to do it on the other.


rosemary said...

I can't do it, Violet can't do it, Penelope is too drugged up to follow directions, Emma bit me, Guido said HUH?, Mimi told me get lost and Fuzz took a deep breath, tried and then fell back asleep....I can raise on eyebrow tho....

Just love this post, Jennie....what a wonderfully fun family you have....and talented too!!

rosemary said...

see...no talent rosemary meant to say most importantly...ONE EYEBROW!

Mom said...

I can sort of do this, but not nearly as well as the people in your family.