April 9, 2009

Cezanne Today!

This is where I was today! I saw a great exhibit of Cezanne's work along with the works of other artists who were influenced by him. Picasso, Jasper Johns, Matisse and others. I came home with a small framed print of this still life. I am a sucker for pottery jars and Cezanne. I love his paintings, love the still lifes and love the landscapes. I had seen the painting Large Bathers before but I had never experienced it in real life. To my surprise, this is perhaps the only painting that I have ever returned to over and over again - I couldn't stop looking at this in the exhibit. I'd peer out of one room to look at it again from afar, it was truly magnificent. And huge, it's a huge painting at 81in by 98in. The colors, the balance...I don't know what I'm talking about, but I can tell you it is an amazing painting up close.

After the exhibit we left the museum to go to The Waterworks for lunch again, like the last time after the exhibit of the Gee's Bends Quilts. Another yummy lunch on the river.

Then we climbed back up the hill and saw some more - Cezanne, Pissarro, Picaso, Monet, Manet...
Then it was time to go pick up Sean E Pie. We passed this guy on the way to the parking lot.

Today made me want to finish my still life. I miss my class and painting. I've been really wanting to paint lately and I really need to just do it. During the exhibition I actually had the insane idea of having each one of my sons sit while I drew and painted him! No, they didn't serve hallucinogens at the museum, that was my own original insane thought. But wouldn't it be neat to have one of each? I'd love that. I drew Luke once while he slept but that's as still as they get.


Paul Nichols said...

[Envy...envy...envy] A great photo essay. Thanks for the treat. Good picture of Luke, too.

(On another note: this month's cover of Real Simple Magazine has a terrific burnt orange color. I thought about you right away. Take a look. It might go good in your new bathroom, after all. If you like it, take the magazine to a paint store and have them match it. If you don't like it, there are a lot of good articles you can read--in the bathroom.)

rosemary said...

What a wonderful day....I am so jealous...living in such a rural place, being pretty much a self made mole, I am not exposed to all of this kind of wonderful art anymore. Steve and I used to go to the LA museums all of the time, to the theater and concerts. The only "happening" thing here anymore is the Festival....music during the heat of the summer in an open field filled with wanna be hippies smoking stuff that ruins the music.

Anonymous said...

Great sketch!
I soooo miss drawing and painting, and can't WAIT to get back at it. One day. Probably later, rather than sooner...
How does life get sooo busy again!?!