April 10, 2009

Egg Dyeing in the Kitchen

Every year my sister Julie brings her kids over and we dye hard-cooked eggs. This year we had an extra, Sean's friend Ian. Julie and I decided to do the food dye thing instead of the Paas tablets, so we boiled water and got out some colors and vinegar.

Yes, we do dye Easter eggs on a Christmas table cloth on Good Friday.

I have tons of cups from years past and over 200 plastic eggs for the hunt on Easter. Jul and I fill them while the kids dye the real ones.

The table below isn't the worse of it.

Check out Sean's egg collection. I think his work today may have been inspired by the solemness of Good Friday....

After they finished Luke went to play football with friends and the other four went outside and delighted in tossing two of the uglier eggs around the driveway and against the garage. Evidently they were feeling a little Mischief Night-ish too. Does your town do Mischief Night the night before Halloween too?

Ruby enjoyed cleaning up.

Here's Nina showing Sean how she'd just lost a tooth eating a Twizzler.....


rosemary said...

What fun....my mother always used the food coloring/vinegar stuff. I remember writing stuff on the eggs with crayons so the color wouldn't take there....You have a really neat looking kitchen.

Mom said...

I loved dying eggs with my children when they were little. Now they are all grown and was not even home to dye eggs this year, but i have wonderful memories of Easters past.