April 15, 2009

Egg Hunt - The Obligatory Annual Egg Hunt Post

Aunt Julie and Uncle Matt blocked the back door as the kids jammed into the laundry room, anxious to go hunt eggs. Meanwhile...

Seth and his friend Luke hid over 200 eggs.

We had too many eggs so after the kids found them all they rehid some and invited two neighborhood kids over to have their own hunt.

The kids are always obliged to sit on the porch for pictures until they can't stand it any more.

Then they're off and running.

Here's Julie and me. Or me 'n Julie, as I used to say, prompting my mother to say, "Julie's not mean."

Can you find the eggs cleverly hidden by Seth and Luke.

Luke was happy....

Nina, happy.

Evan had a good time.
Froggy lounging next to Pop Pop's boxwood - happy.

Sean, ?

Tomorrow's post: A pictorial of 11 family members entitled Can You Make This Face?


rosemary said...

I left a comment yesterday. wondering if blogger is eating them....anyegg....two hundred as in 200...EGGS!!!! do the kids eat them all? Man I wouldn't want to be in your house for a few days...kids, eggs, gastronomic adventures!!!!

Paul Nichols said...

Fun, fun, fun. I only had one cousin anywhere near my age. I saw her twice in my life. Neither time on Easter. I do eat two boiled eggs most mornings. Just the white part. So if you wanna get rid of some...

(An aside. Your next blog is not 'entitled,' unless it earns a prize or something. Your next blog is titled. Sorry, it's just that pesky editor in me raising its ugly head.)

Jennie said...

Oh I didn't know that about entitled and titled! Thank you. Never hesitate to correct my writing, I appreciate it. I like to refine my writing and I do know I'm fallible....all too well. :) And from you, it's a compliment always.

Now, I didn't hide real eggs, they were plastic with just one or two little candies in each. And unfortunately I have been doing my part in eating the stash. I remember once reading that a writer shouldn't really start an idea with "unfortunately" too. I love words. :)

Paul Nichols said...

OK, then go like this: "And I have been doing my part in eating the stash, unfortunately." ;)