April 3, 2009

Friday Five Glimpses - Colorful Week

1 See that little square with the pearly orange color? That's the color I had in mind and I might still have been able to put the pearl stuff on and get that, but frankly, I give up. That orange bathroom totally defeated me! The color I chose instead is right below it with the writing on it. Hopefully it can be enlivened with colorful items accents. I do like color.

2 This week we celebrated both my sister's and my dad's birthdays. They both cleverly sidestepped April Fool's Day by hours. My mom found a card I gave Dad a couple years ago. If you enlarge, you can read it. It was the perfect card from me to my dad. Inside it says: Happy Birthday from that daughter.

3 Luke brought home his scarlet tanager from wood shop. He perches high above my kitchen.

4 On my daily walk in the park I spied a red-winged black bird in a tree and heard its call over and over. This park I've been walking in has a ton of birds. I loved walking through a flock of Canadian geese as they honked warnings at each other back and forth. Didn't move, just made a lot of commotion about me. I'm loving all these spring birds!.

5 Movies have been adding color to my weeks. Last night I saw In Bruges. Very good. I have two foreign films waiting for me to watch and review for the weekend. We've had free movie channels a lot lately because - and I don't mind saying - VERIZON OVERCHARGES US EVERY SINGLE MONTH, several hundred dollars so far. So my Stanley - analyzing, critical Stanley - catches the overcharges, calls them and forces them to give us free movie channels for his trouble. Anyway, I cannot tell you how many times I've seen Juno, Chocolat and Darjeeling Limited. I love ALL of the characters in each of these movies. Not only that, I now know all of their lines.


rosemary said...

Sniff with the card.....i think the pearly paint chip is lovely...but the natural one is now, after reading your return comments on the bath post....kinda safe. I'm with you on hearing spring birds....we have geese flying north every day...in the falling snow...honking "I thought it was spring!" i wish we could get Verizon here...overcharges and all. I hate DirecTv...hate it.

Paul Nichols said...

Any dad worth his salt still has to be reeling with jide and proy to receive a card like the one you gave him.

My walking season is back (I think). I'm headed out for about 5 miles today. Snow predicted here for tomorrow, though. Sheesh.

Mom said...

I love reading about your colorful life.

Anonymous said...

I watch foreign films on occasion. Haven't seen In Bruges.

Paul Nichols said...

I didn't get to walk after all. But I did get to tag you for a colorful meme. Stop by.