April 25, 2009

Hard Work Happened Here

Grammy's clothes line
The old porch swing and the porch bed Pop Pop built
Old utensils I remember seeing my Gram use.

We're celebrating Pop Pop's 95th birthday tomorrow, so Mom, Auntie Joyce and I were down cleaning yesterday to prepare for guests. Mom gave him a haircut. Pop Pop sat in his chair and studied the Bible, continuing the hard work he's done in those pages for years. If I added up all the hard work he's done in his life, I'd guess it'd be about 85 years worth. Had to leave out Sundays, 95 x 52 of them. He didn't lift a finger on Sundays and warned us that at his house tomorrow we would be following suit.


Mom said...

He sounds a lot like my grandfather.

Paul Nichols said...

God Bless Pop Pop.